Pulp Mold Furniture Collection 001 for Salone Satellite 2023

Display Shelf / Size: (Type 01)505×330×750mm (Type 02)505×330×1025mm


A shelf formed by stacking identical parts made of pulp mold.
This is furniture that makes the most of the advantages of a material that can be mass-produced on a low budget.
This structure creates options for the height of the body and the number and arrangement of shelves.
When I visited the factory, I saw a large stock of ordered Pulp Moulded packing materials stacked on top of each other.
I realized that it was the lightness and strength of this material that made it a stocking method, and I decided to
incorporate it into my furniture designs.
I named the piece “PALM”. Palm trees are rare among trees in that they do not branch out but simply grow upward.
This characteristic and the border pattern on the surface of the tree are connected to the construction of the furniture.

Design: Yugo Fukasawa (aioi)
Material: Takahiro Iriyama (nagoya mould co.,ltd)
Production: Gen Toyoda (
Graphics: Mai Taguchi (steler)
Photography: Masato Chiba