Pulp Mold Furniture Collection 001 for Salone Satellite 2023

Wall Object / Size: (1piece)165×145×35mm


A wall object that combines sustainable materials and design.
Although each piece is about the size of a hand, it can be connected with special silicone pins to create a flat expanse.
As a further feature, it can be connected in a three-dimensional direction,
This allows for the expression of partial density changes.
Repeated branching and proliferation eventually lead to the formation of a wide “surface” and
it is transformed from an object to a wall surface itself.
I named it “SCALE” because of its appearance, which evokes the image of scales, as a “skin of space” to hang on the wall.
(It is also based on the fact that the ancient Japanese family crest of “scale(鱗)” was based on a triangular motif.)
I chose to use molded pulp not only because it is eco-friendly, but also because of its ease of processing, lightness, and soft texture.

Design: Yugo Fukasawa (aioi)
Material: Takahiro Iriyama (nagoya mould co.,ltd)
Production: Gen Toyoda (
Photography: Masato Chiba