YOUNG LIVING / Tokyo / 2021
design : aioi
photo : Masato Chiba


A membership-based essential oil brand with headquarters and a large market in the United States. I was in charge of the design of its Tokyo branch.
The design had to proceed simultaneously with the showroom on the first floor and the office on the second floor.
The showroom required a clean and sophisticated space, and we combined linear shapes with soft colors to create a sense of unity with the fixtures.
There are many kinds of essential oils, and all of them have various colors due to their natural ingredients. To display the fragrances and colors, I custom-made laboratory equipment for physics and chemistry and arranged them on the walls.
The colors and fragrances are displayed on the walls. These are located in the first area of the space as an eye-catcher.
In the second floor office, a free-address open area is set up in the center of the space facing a large window, surrounded by private offices.
This office will be used for both work-at-home and work-at-home use. Several types of free-address seating have been arranged to create a quiet impression that allows employees who come to work to enhance their concentration.