oneday / Tokyo / 2022
design : aioi
photo : Masato Chiba


Renovation project for a beauty salon in Omotesando.
The main objective was to increase the number of seats, but at the same time, the impression of the interior needed to be changed significantly.
As a result, the project was not limited to a superficial re-papering of the interior, but was based on the premise of a total demolition, which led to a complete renewal of the layout of each function.
The plan was to create a reception area in front of the large existing window facing the outside, and to divide it from the service area with a wall that would also serve as a product display.
The mirror stand is treated as an independent wall surface rather than a piece of furniture, and the finish is consistent with the perimeter wall. This sense of unity reduces the sense of oppression, and the space is designed to accommodate the large increase in seating capacity.
The interior of the restaurant was designed with the aim of creating a refined image of gray tones, a change from the original wood-toned main space. Strandboard wood is used as a key material in various details, and also plays a role in avoiding the overall impression of being too cool.